Monitor and Merrimac

Canyonlands - Island in the Sky District

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This is the most visited part of Canyonlands, designed similar to most national parks with paved roads, nice trails and overlooks with railings. Canyonlands is best viewed from both above and below. This area with give you the above views. The road is on a mesa 1,0000 feet above the surrounding terrain. Each viewpoint off the scenic drive is a bit different. Several trails go to unique sites. The Mesa Arch Trail goes to a good arch. Aztec Butte offers a short mountain climb. Upheaval Dome Trail goes to a fascinating geologic site.
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Upheavel Dome trail
Upheavel Dome trail
Aztec Butte trail
Views from Aztec Butte trail
Overlook trail
Mesa Arch
Shafer Trail
Shafer Trail
Monitor and Merrimac
Grandview Point Overlook
Aztec Butte Canyonlands Utah Grandview Point Aztec Butte trail Canyonlands Canyonlands Utah Island in Sky District
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