Little Flat Top
Little Flat Top and road to Horseshoe Canyon
Starting the hike down into the canyon
Horseshoe Canyon Entrance
Views of the Great Gallery
And there we are, 6 legs walking on two
Petroglyphs in route to the Great Gallery

Horseshoe Canyon - Canyonlands National Park

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Home to hundreds of petroglyphs and pictographs, some consider the best in the world. Also known for: in 2003, Aron Ralston of Colorado was lifted by helicopter from this canyon after surviving 5 days in a nearby canyon with his arm pined by a boulder. His only way of escape was to cut his arm off with his pocket knife. While hiking out one arm less, he ran into some hikers on this trail. Maybe I had both arms but this trail was brutal with 2 kids on me. I got some funny looks and a few concerned comments you need some water? My response was, do you need some?
Hiking trail down into the canyon
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The Great Gallery
Horseshoe Canyon utah hiking
Horseshoe Canyon Utah Great Gallery Great Gallery