Mount Tamalpais California Hiking Trails
Distance: 0.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 300 feet
Summit Elevation: 2,571 feet
Access: Paved
tamalpais map
From the parking lot the lookout is visible above. Start up the trail where before you know it, you’ll be on the summit. The lookout has barbwire surrounding it, quite awful looking really. Amazing as the view is, the history here is interesting as well. Mount Tamalpais was preserved as a state park in 1928. In 1896, a railroad brought people up from the valley below to a tavern near the summit!
Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge. The park is off Route 1 northbound via the Stinson Beach exit at 3801 Panoramic Highway, Mill Valley. Follow signs from there.
Tamalpais Route:
Tamalpais Access:
San Francisco
California Hiking
View to bay and San Francisco
Lookout building
View to ocean
mount tamalpais map san francisco map Mount Tamalpais lookout Mount Tamalpais Mount Tamalpais city view Mount Tamalpais ocean view
City View
Mount Tamalpais is the Bay Areas big mountain.  All the local Bay Area folks go there thinking it is the greatest place ever.  If you live in the area, you probably need that sense of wilderness so close.  For most of those reading this, you’re just visiting the area so spend the majority of time hiking somewhere better.  That’s not to say Mount Tamalpais isn’t worth a short visit.  The views from the top are of San Francisco Bay, the city and the Pacific Ocean…pretty cool.  There are a lot of trails up Tamalpais.  I say do the easiest one…a short half mile hike and move on with your vacation (unless you need to kill some time or like mountain biking).   With this summit you will also be bagging a county highpoint and a peak with over 2,000 feet of prominence.
Hikers come to the top of Mount Tamalpais to enjoy the great views the Bay Area has to offer. Its a perfect romantic spot for couples to be alone or a great place, for example, a San Diego or Los Angeles DUI trial lawyer to come to forget the stress and distractions of the office.