Hualapai Mountain is a major peak south of Kingman. It is the highest mountain in northwest Arizona and the highest point in Mohave County. There are major highways on 3 sides of the mountain so it gets lots of visitation. The upper mountain is a wonderful pine forest full of trails to keep the locals cooled off on hot days. Surprisingly, the summit offers a good exposed scramble on some nice granite outcroppings. Another bonus, Hualapai usually can be climbed year round. I did this peak in early morning while my family slept in a hotel in Kingman.

Hualapai Peak

Arizona Hiking
Arizona Hiking
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation Gain: 2,200 feet
Summit Elevation: 8,417 feet
Access: Paved
The Route:
Follow the Aspen Trail less than a mile to a trail split. Turn left onto the Potato Patch loop. Continue about a mile to a junction with a forest road. Turn left onto the forest road, don’t continue on the trail. Follow the forest road south a mile or so (descending about 300 feet) to a saddle. The road continues from the saddle but is in much worse shape. Follow this bad road up past a gate to the Hualapai Peak top. At the last switchback before the road ends, work up through brush to the rocks. There are several ways up so use your best judgment. My route was a bit to the left, into a cave like area, up class 3 from there.

You can also climb nearby Hayden Peak as well. I did this as well because I had no map, bad directions and it was dark. To do so, don’t take the Potato Patch trail back but continue on the road through the Boy Scout Camp to a T in the road. Take a left and follow the road up to the summit, if you’re willing to crawl under the “no trespassing” gate. It’s possible a trail nearby that says “Mt. Hayden trail” goes to the top? It was probably built by the scouts to keep them off the utility truck road.
In Kingman, in the south end of town on old Rte-66, follow the signs south to Hualapai Mountain State Park. Hualapai Mountain road is about 10 miles of paved road to the ranger station and camping area. Follow signs to the trailhead up past a few campsites where there is a small parking area. Walk past a gate in the road about 200 feet and find the Aspen Peak trail on the left at a large sign. It’s possible a daily parking fee is charged.
The map below is a rough idea where the trail is located. The trailhead is not shown with the yellow line but the first trail split is shown. My route description says to go left but as you see there is a loop trail. Again, I goofed and went right at the trail split, forcing me through the scout camp (Camp Levi Levi). The route shown left is aproximate since I did not take that way.
Hualapai Peak from Hayden Peak
Hayden Peak from Hualapai Peak
Summit view
Views of the Hualapai Range
The summit block
Looking down the scramble route up
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