Alta and Snowbird ski area
Itís not the most spectacular summit in the area but Reed and Benson Ridge is fairly safe climb and the views of nearby peaks are amazing. I would rate this as an advanced snowshoe hike although I actually used my crampons for 100 feet as the compact snow was frozen like ice. Youíll also summit Flagstaff Mountain along the way.
From the Alta ski area, during a winter or spring ascent, head north picking a line that looks safe given the snow conditions. I chose the rib coming south of Flagstaff Mountains southeast ridgeline. In summer, it seems trails go quite high up Flagstaff and you could try almost any route without difficulty. Once on the ridges, climb to the summit of Flagstaff Mountain. With very little prominence, this named peak doesnít make it onto the official Utah peak lists. Continue north on the ridge until you reach the highest point of Reed and Benson Ridge, the most southern point. Views are great, look at the pictures.
Distance: 1.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,800 feet
Summit Elevation: 10,561
Access rating: Level 1
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Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to the Alta ski area. Park off the road and start up.

Note: These pictures are from late May of 2008, a record year for snow pack. Hard to believe most of the ski areas in Utah were closed for the season at this point!
Mt. Superior Alta Ski Area
Mt. Superior from the Alta parking area at 5:30 a.m
Route I took went up the center rib to ridgetop
Mt. Superior Flagstaff Mountain
Looking over to Mt. Superior
Hiking ridgeline to Flagstaff Mountain
Mt. Olympus area
Mt. Olympus area
Superior and Monte Cristo Peaks
Superior and Monte Cristo Peaks
The Pfeifferhorn Broads Fork Twin Peaks
Sunrise Peak
Broads Fork Twin Peaks
The Pfeifferhorn
Thunder Mountain
American Fork Twin Peaks
American Fork Twin Peaks
Hidden Peak
Reed and Benson Ridge Map
Sun just hitting the highest peaks to the south
Devils Castle
Mt. Baldy
American Fork Twin Peaks
Looking Southwest from the summit
Reed and Benson Ridge
Wasatch Range Utah Reed and Benson Ridge
Utah Climbing
Wasatch Central
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